August 13, 2019 Preemption Watch Newsletter

UPDATE: Grassroots Change State Preemption Map: Firearms

State Firearm Preemption Laws (August 2019)


How one state beat the NRA and passed the strongest gun laws in the nation

Will NRA follow the path of Big Tobacco?
Christian Science Monitor (2018)

Similar paths for tobacco, gun lobby?
USA Today (2013)

New Research

Local Public Health Policymakers’ Views on State Preemption: Results of a National Survey, 2018
Lainie Rutkow, et al. American Journal of Public Health. August 2019.

Researchers suggest that preemption will restrict or negate local public health policy-making. Our findings confirm that the vast majority of health officials and mayors have abandoned or delayed policy-making initiatives because of preemption… These data provide support for the concern that preemption—or even the threat of preemption—has a “chilling effect.”

Local Policymakers’ New Role: Preventing Preemption
Jennifer L. Pomeranz. American Journal of Public Health. August 2019.

The study by Rutkow et al. provides new and compelling evidence that preemption has real consequences for public health policy-making across a wide range of topic areas. Local policymakers’ responses confirmed that preemption may undermine local democracy, prevent policymakers from addressing the needs and values of their communities, and lead to deregulation.

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