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Effective public health movements grow from passion and commitment, but to be effective they need more than passion: they need smart strategies and leaders with the skills to mobilize, communicate and advocate for fundamental change.

At Grassroots Change, we provide leadership development and a grassroots network. We empower leaders through our training and technical assistance. Our grassroots network fosters collaboration and information-sharing between leaders.

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In the Words of Our Partners

“I come to Grassroots Change when I need support in finding the picture of a whole community working together toward change. This picture has become my North Star that I come back to again and again.” – Mary Roscoe, Bay Area Children in Nature Network

Grassroots Change is THE authority on preemption and movement building. Their website is my go-to resource when I teach about these topics.” – Shannon Frattaroli, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

“Shortly after I helped Denton, Texas pass a ban on hydraulic fracturing, we faced the preemption onslaught from the state. The team at Grassroots Change offered us key advice, resources, and social networking opportunities. They’ve helped educate and empower us. It’s great to know they have our back in this difficult battle.” – Adam Briggle, Associate Professor, University of North Texas, Frack Free Denton

“Grassroots Change has been a valuable partner in providing tools and resources for our organization and network to support our movement, especially in countering preemption at the state level. We found the Preemption Map so successful in informing our network, that we republished it to our network leadership.” – Ellen Bravo, Director, Family Values @ Work