June 14, 2017 Grassroots Change Newsletter
“Communities who are most affected by these issues need to get organized. If a government is leading the effort, you need to work together but also make them accountable. To say “We’re here, count us in,” not just watch from the fence. Be engaged, be proactive. Be the watchdogs and make sure the revenue is invested in equity, make sure your communities will see real benefit and changes. The funds must be for the community, not just to fill a budget.”
Jorge De Santiago,
AMISTAD & Healthy Boulder Kids’ Campaign
Since Berkeley, California passed the first soda tax in 2014, a national grassroots movement has taken off and soda taxes are quickly spreading from East Coast to West (with Boulder and Chicago in between), and Seattle passing the most recent tax on June 5, 2017.

Our new blog post highlights how the soda tax movement is an effective model for grassroots movement building; from starting with a passionate group of advocates, to passing local policies, to ultimately creating enduring, positive social change and healthier communities.

Read the full post here. 

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