July 2, 2019

Kellogg Insight, Stephan Seiler & Anna Tuchman, July 1, 2019- Several cities have started taxing sodas and other sweetened drinks in the past five years. The goal is to bring in revenue, improve public health, or both. But it’s unclear whether these “soda taxes” are achieving their goals. So Anna …

February 15, 2019

Local soda taxes are policies that work to promote healthy people and communities, and the national grassroots soda tax movement is growing quickly. When sugar sweetened beverages are taxed, people consume less, and the revenue from a local tax is typically used for civic good, including public health, economic development, and education.

Learn about inspiring a local movement, managing volunteers, navigating local politics, responding to legal challenges, and more from the Grassroots Change Soda Tax case study.

December 10, 2018

The New Food Economy, Sam Bloch, December 6, 2018- Last summer, Coca-Cola held California hostage over soda taxes. If you haven’t encountered them—or the many debates surrounding them—soda taxes are cents-per-ounce surcharges that local governments, from San Francisco to Philadelphia, levy on “sugar-sweetened beverages.” The benefits of these taxes, while …