March 7, 2021


Assembly-member Nazarian Moves to Stop Soda Industry’s “Extortion” of CA Lawmakers and Bring New Revenue and Health Equity to CA Cities, 2/18/2021 California cities and counties want their rights back…because, as the saying goes, they’re not done using them.  In this case, that means repealing preemption to restore the …

January 4, 2021

VIDEO: Webinar, November 18, 2020 Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund & Oregon Community Rights Network Lindsey Schromen Wawrin (Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund) Mark Pertschuk (Grassroots Change & the Preemption Watch project) Tim Gibbons (Missouri Rural Crisis Center)  

October 13, 2019

It’s very easy to be cynical about politics. I can be cynical as well. But seeing policies being guided by a grassroots movement, with people who wanted to make this happen at all levels of power in the city, was inspiring. — Sara Soka, former Campaign Manager, Berkeley vs. Big Soda …