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Judge Bans Broward County From Enforcing Gun-Control Ordinances

January 17, 2020

Miami New Times,

Alexi C. Cardona,

January 16, 2020-

Since 1987, Florida law has prohibited city and county governments from adopting their own gun laws or placing restrictions on firearms. The law gives the state carte blanche to occupy “the whole field” of firearm and ammunition regulation. The legislature gave it some teeth in 2011 by tacking on $5,000 fees and threatening removal from office if legislators violated the law.

As a result, pro-gun advocacy organizations have repeatedly sued Florida cities and counties over gun-control ordinances. A Broward circuit judge last week ruled in favor of a gun-rights organization that sued Broward County and the county’s administrator over ordinances that “infringe on the right of the people to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the United States Constitution and the Florida Constitution.” Judge Carlos A. Rodriguez ruled that three county ordinances regulate firearms in violation of Florida statute and permanently banned Broward County from enforcing ordinances that relate to guns and ammunition. Florida Carry, a pro-gun advocacy organization, filed the lawsuit in 2014.

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