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Editorial: Which government is more accountable to you? State or local?

January 27, 2020

Pensacola News Journal,

Editorial Board,

January 25, 2020-

Every year as the Florida legislators huddle in the state capitol, Floridians in local communities from Perdido Key to Key West face a common threat from the politicians who convene in Tallahassee — preemption.  Preemption is the annual ritual of state politicians making laws that interfere with the autonomy and home rule of local citizens and governments. It’s been known to have targets great and small — from rules regulating plastic straws to local rules regulating Uber drivers.

For those who believe in the values of “small government,” Florida legislators’ annual barrage of centralized dictates seize control from local communities and amount to “big government” in the purest sense of the term. And almost always, legislators’ preemption laws seek to lower local standards that local citizens have chosen for themselves as rules that fit the best interests of their distinct region of the Sunshine State.

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