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Denver mayor signs plastic and paper bag fee into law

January 7, 2020

Waste Dive,


January 6, 2020-

  • The Denver City Council recently approved a bill setting a 10-cent fee on each “disposable” plastic and paper bag customers receive from retail stores.
  • The city will receive 6 cents per bag sold to be used for administrative costs and waste reduction programs. Retailers will keep 4 cents per bag for public education about the fee and providing free, reusable bags to customers. Bags including those used for produce, fresh meat or fish, dry cleaning, prescription drugs and newspapers will be exempt. Customers using federal or state food assistance programs will not have to pay the fee.
  • Mayor Michael Hancock signed the measure into law on Dec. 26, 2019 and it will take effect July 1. Covered retailers include those selling “consumer goods, household items or groceries,” but not restaurants.