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Pro-gun group files suit over Eastpointe’s gun law

December 3, 2019

Iosco County News-Herald,

Mitch Hotts,

December 2, 2019-

A Michigan gun rights organization Monday filed a lawsuit against the City of Eastpointe over an ordinance that bans storage of a firearm in an unlocked motor vehicle. Dearborn Heights-based Michigan Gun Owners and Eastpointe resident Lance DeVooght filed the suit in Macomb County Circuit Court challenging the local law, which was adopted by the City Council in October. The ordinance directly violates a firearms preemption law in the Michigan Constitution, according to Michigan Gun Owners attorney, James Makowski.

“While I believe Eastpointe had good intentions, they are usurping the authority of the Michigan Legislature, which passed a law in 1992 that states you can’t regulate the transportation or storage of firearms,” Makowski said. “This law flies directly against Michigan law.” Neither police officials nor City Attorney Richard Albright returned phone calls seeking comment on the complaint. Eastpointe police have said the ordinance was in response to an “inordinate” number of guns being stolen from unlocked cars or trucks. The aim of the law is to make gun owners “more responsible,” police have said.

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