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Poll from anti-preemption group shows Floridians support local control

November 7, 2019

Florida Politics,

November 6, 2019-

A new survey from the Local Solutions Support Center (LSSC) finds a majority of registered Florida voters support local governments being given flexibility to pass local ordinances that go beyond protections under state law. LSSC opposes state preemption of local laws, making its decision to highlight the new data unsurprising. The poll asked whether respondents agree that local officials “should generally be able to pass local laws to protect public health, the environment, and quality jobs when a community believes that statewide laws aren’t enough.”

A whopping 81% agreed, while 13% disagreed. Respondents were also asked whether “[l]ocal governments are better connected to the community than state government and should be allowed to pass policies that reflect their community’s needs and values.” A similar number — 80% — agreed, while 14% disagreed. “Floridians rightly believe that local elected officials are closer to the people in their communities and understand their values and needs better than lawmakers in Tallahassee, and that’s why they trust local governments to make local decisions,” said Kim Haddow, director of LSSC.

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