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SC gun group protests Richland County plans for new gun ordinance

September 12, 2019

The State,

Bristow Marchant,

September 11, 2019-

A gun rights group is saying it may pursue legal action against Richland County if the county passes a new gun ordinance. S.C. Carry, which normally advocates for gun rights at the state Legislature, is planning to send a letter to the county warning that any attempt to regulate guns at the county level would violate state law. Dan Roberts, the group’s outreach director, said its board began drafting the letter on Tuesday, and plans to send it to the county in the next few weeks. He called the proposal a “virtue-signaling publicity stunt.”

“We’re strongly opposed to the idea on numerous grounds, not least because it’s clear in state law that it would violate state preemption (of local gun laws),” Roberts said. The group is reacting to the decision by the county council on Tuesday to ask the county attorney to research what powers the county may have to regulate firearms under state law. The motion’s main sponsor, Councilman Jim Manning, said he believes the gun rights group should be in favor of the move.

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