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Ohio Bill Seeks To End Preemption In The State

September 24, 2019

Bearing Arms,

Tom Knighton,

September 23, 2019-

Preemption is a useful tool when it comes to gun laws. It keeps the gun laws uniform throughout a state. This is handy for people who travel as all they need to do is be aware of the gun laws in a state, rather than also needing to check each and every city they plan to travel to. After all, do you know what’s bad for tourism? Felony convictions. Many states have preemption and anti-gunners hate it. They know they can push anti-gun cities to adopt draconian gun control laws that won’t work, thus allowing them to try and use that to leverage states into more gun control laws that won’t work and so on.

Which is probably why there’s now a bill in Ohio seeking to end the state’s preemption law. Ohio lawmakers passed a law in 2006 that prevented local governments from passing any gun laws that are more restrictive than those enacted at the state level, and when cities challenged it, the Ohio Supreme Court upheld the law. Now, there’s a move afoot to change it. Democratic Sen. Cecil Thomas is sponsoring a bill to allow cities to, once again, implement gun reforms. He said the one size fits all approach now in place isn’t working.

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