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Grassroots group seeks fee on single-use bags

September 17, 2019

The Intelligencer,

Charles Bolinger,

September 16, 2019-

As of last month, 300 municipalities across the nation have passed either a single-use bag fee, tax or ban, while state lawmakers have introduced at least 95 bills related to plastic bags so far this year. Bring Your Own Glen-Ed (BYOGE) wants to make Edwardsville the next municipality to enact a fee, 10 cents, on single-use paper and plastic bags in certain stores. Two members returned to the city’s administrative and community service (ACS) committee meeting Thursday to request the city change its ordinance to include the fee.

“For change to happen at the scale and pace needed, everyone needs to see themselves as part of the solution,” said member Sheila Voss. “It can’t be business as usual.” BYOGE is a grassroots group that formed two years ago, has a mission to reduce the harm single-use waste has on the area’s health, environment and local economy. Voss said the meeting was very well attended, and so many people showed up that it took place in the council chamber instead of the adjacent conference room. “It was a long meeting, but it was productive because everybody put their cards on the table,” she said. She added that almost every city council member attended, except for Janet Stack.

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