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This mayor plans next challenge to gun laws after recent legal win

August 2, 2019

The Sun Sentinel,

July 31, 2019-

The Coral Gables mayor, riding the momentum of a legal victory, is already planning his next move toward cities’ being able to regulate guns. Mayor Raúl Valdés-Fauli said Wednesday he already plans to push for a city law on guns if Florida municipalities ultimately were to triumph in a legal battle with the state. The battle over gun regulation mounted this week when the state appealed a court ruling that struck down penalties for elected officials who push gun-control laws.

Valdés-Fauli has long wanted to do his part. In response to the Stoneman Douglas massacre, Valdés-Fauli had taken a leap to challenge gun laws last year by sponsoring a local ban on the sale of assault rifles. But the city backed down, fearful that Coral Gables would be sued because of a 2011 law that punishes local officials for passing their own gun legislation and that leaves cities on the hook for lawsuits.

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