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Fort Myers Beach wants to dump herbicides

August 8, 2019

Fort Myers Beach Observer,

Jordan Hester,

August 7, 2019-

Fort Myers Beach efforts to ban the use of a popular herbicide will go back for some additional tweaking but will advance to a second public hearing. Fort Myers Beach Town Council wants to prohibit the use, if not the sale, of products using glyphosate. The phosphonate is found weed killers like Roundup and has been linked, in some studies, to blue-green algae blooms, which feed on the chemical.

Council was told it cannot ban the sale, but can regulate or prohibit use. Sales fall within the purview of state legislation. “I want to make sure our wording is correct, because the state usually stops most local legislation on the usage of pesticides, which herbicides falls under. Are we confident in moving forward, do we have the legal footing without the state preemption?” Council-member Joanne Shamp said. Martin County is one of the most recent Treasure Coast areas to ban its use, and Fort Myers Beach wants to be a part of that mindset. Seminole is currently concluding an overall study of the same subject matter. Fort Myers Beach has several options going forward, especially with the wording of the proposed ordinance.

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