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Florida bills seek to allow local governments to regulate guns, plastic bags

August 28, 2019

The Center Square,

August 26, 2019-

Don’t show up to a gun fight armed with plastic bags unless, that is, you’re bracing to do battle over state preemption in the Florida Legislature. Democrats have pre-filed two 2020 bills seeking to impose home rule over gun laws and in the regulation of plastic shopping bags and foam containers. After Republicans proposed 50-plus preemption-related bills during the 2019 legislative session – adopting at least four – turnabout is fair play, even if the only time most home rule bills will see the light of day in the GOP-controlled Legislature is whatever notice they garner during the pre-filing period.

Sen. Linda Stewart, D-Orlando, pre-filed Senate Bill 182, which would dispense with language in Florida statute that forbids municipalities from governing items such as plastic shopping bags and foam containers. “By removing this language we give home rule back to cities and counties, allowing them to decide what best fits their needs,” Stewart said in a statement. “Coastal or lakefront communities may wish to ban these containers to reduce pollution that negatively affects other sectors of their economies such as tourism.”

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