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Editorial: Palm Beach must keep pushing for plastics ban

August 26, 2019

Palm Beach Daily News,


August 25, 2019-

A reluctant Town Council recently repealed its forward-thinking ban on plastic bags and polystyrene containers after learning an appellate court sided with the Legislature’s preemption against local bans of plastic bags and polystyrene containers. But the fight is not over, and it should not end until the Florida Legislature or the courts comes to their senses. State leaders apparently have a problem with home rule and the prudent decisions that come with it.

It is obvious to anyone not beholden to rapacious special interests that the world is awash in plastic. It is killing our wildlife and clogging up the landfills and littering our beautiful oceans. Apparent to everyone except those in Tallahassee and the Third District Court of Appeal, which tossed out Coral Gables’ 2016 ban on the use of containers made of Styrofoam. Palm Beach became the first municipality in the county to issue a ban. After this latest setback, town leaders vowed not to give up the fight.

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