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States Are Thwarting Cities’ Attempts to Govern Themselves

July 31, 2019,


July 31, 2019-

In 2015, the City of Berkeley, California, passed an ordinance requiring cellphone shops to inform customers that carrying a cellphone in certain ways can expose them to radio-frequency radiation that exceeds Federal Communications Commission (FCC) standards. Retailers would be forced to put up a poster that reads:

The City of Berkeley requires that you be provided the following notice:

To assure safety, the Federal Government requires that cell phones meet radiofrequency (RF) exposure guidelines. If you carry or use your phone in a pants or shirt pocket or tucked into a bra when the phone is ON and connected to a wireless network, you may exceed the federal guidelines for exposure to RF radiation. Refer to the instructions in your phone or user manual for information about how to use your phone safely.

Can the people of a city require corporations to provide information about risks associated with their products?

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