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Fried directs agency to remove its name from appeal of gun preemption law

July 31, 2019

The Capitolist,


July 31, 2019-

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried has directed her office to remove itself from a notice of appeal seeking to overturn the state’s loss in Weston v. DeSantisin which courts ruled that Florida’s gun preemption law’s punitive provisions are unconstitutional. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services had been named in the case dating back to the prior administration. Attorney General Ashley Moody’s office decided Tuesday to appeal the judge’s ruling that struck down a state law that threatened tough penalties for locally approved gun regulations.

“The Florida gun preemption law’s punishments are some of the most extreme anywhere in the nation – and the courts have rightly ruled them unconstitutional,” Fried said in a written statement Wednesday morning. Since 1987, Florida has had what is known as a “preemption” law. It’s intended to prevent local governments from passing gun regulations that are stricter than state firearms laws. In 2011, lawmakers passed another measure. It included a series of steps designed to prevent local governments and officials from violating the 198 imposing penalties of up to $5,000 against officials and potential removal from office.

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