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WA gun control lobby will target preemption, magazines, open carry

December 10, 2018

Conservative Firing Line,

Dave Workman,

December 6, 2018-

The Seattle-based gun control lobby has announced its Washington State legislative priorities for 2019, and among them are state preemption, possession of so-called “high-capacity magazines,” and open carry, according to a news release. This comes on the heels of passage of Initiative 1639, the restrictive gun legislation that strips 18-20-year-old’s of their rights to own a semiautomatic firearm, and classifies virtually every semi-auto rifle in the state as a “semiautomatic assault rifle.” The initiative is being challenged in federal court by the Second Amendment Foundation and National Rifle Association, two firearms retailers and private citizens.

In addition, the police chief in Republic, Ferry County has declared he will not enforce the measure, and the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office has also announced its deputies will not actively enforce provisions of the law when it takes effect next year, according to But here’s part of what the Alliance for Gun Responsibility, the billionaire-backed lobbying group, revealed on its website:

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