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Texas Municipal League campaign puts spotlight on importance of home rule

December 13, 2018

Go San Angelo,

Daniel Valenzuela,

December 12, 2018-

Our Home. Our Decisions. That’s the theme of a Texas Municipal League campaign the City Council has endorsed voicing concern about state government overreach into issues and decisions that are best determined at the local level. The message is straightforward and sensible: Citizens should have a voice in matters that impact us, our neighbors and our community. Texas is far too large and too diverse for politicians gathered in Austin to decree one-size-fits-all solutions for Frisco and Laredo and San Angelo.

We confronted just such an issue two years: short-term rentals. You may recall this debate pitted the view that San Angeloans should be able to rent their homes for brief periods while they are away versus the argument that such rentals diminish the quality of life in residential neighborhoods. About the same time Austin was also wrestling with concerns about short-term rentals. In each instance, the respective City Councils forged compromises that didn’t make everyone happy, but seemed to have served their communities well.

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