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Michigan’s lame-duck legislators thwarting will of the people | Opinion

December 3, 2018

Detroit Free Press,

Tom Pinta,

November 30, 2018-

I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m fed up with the actions of our lame-duck GOP state legislators from passing legislation to keep citizen initiatives off the ballot so they can later be gutted to proposals shifting responsibility from Michigan’s top elected officials to the Legislature.

These efforts show how little these ‘small government’ politicians care about the ‘will of the people’ they claim to defend. Their tactics remind me of moves made by several legislatures in some Southern states. Actions there aimed to suppress voting rights. Is it sour grapes from the November loss at the polls or just continued pandering to lobbyists and special interests? I do know they are working toward turning a lifelong independent voter into a Democrat.

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