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Here’s how much the oil and gas industry spent on the 2018 election in Colorado

December 13, 2018

The Colorado Sun,

December 12, 2018-

Seven of the top 10 corporate and nonprofit donors in Colorado’s 2018 midterm election were oil and gas interests that combined to spend more than $34 million — a total that exceeded the campaigns for both candidates in the governor’s race. The money primarily went to support or defeat two competing ballot initiatives. But oil and gas also spent heavily to support Republican candidates for governor and state Senate, trying to defeat Democrats who advocate for more industry regulation.

The top 10 corporate and nonprofit donors on Colorado’s elections this year combined to spend $51.6 million in all, which represented 36 percent of the total money spent by issue committees and super PACs at the state level, according to a Colorado Sun analysis of the final campaign finance filings. Of the amount spent by these 10 organizations, 60 percent went to a single issue committee — Protect Colorado. The organization led the effort to fight Proposition 112, which sought to impose larger setbacks for oil and gas development, and support Amendment 74, which would have strengthened property rights. Voters rejected both measures.

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