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Gun rights advocates: New gun safety agenda proof of slippery slope

December 11, 2018

MY Northwest,

Hanna Scott,

December 10, 2018-

On the heels of their win with the passage of gun safety measure I-1639, the Alliance for Gun Responsibility released its 2019 legislative priorities last week. “This is the most robust agenda we’ve ever proposed,” said Tallman Trask with the alliance. “Usually, we have a few little policies here and there that we’re looking to pass. This agenda includes about 14 items,” Trask said.

The 14 items include:

  • Further restrictions on high-capacity magazines (detachable magazines that hold 10 or more rounds).
  • Clarifying state law to make clear minors can be the subject of Extreme Risk Protection Orders. These allow family members and police to ask courts to temporarily suspend gun rights and restrict access, such as a weapon in the home, to firearms when people exhibit dangerous behavior or are in mental health crisis.
  • Expanding criteria that judges can consider when deciding whether to grant an ERPO to include hate crimes. The language of the legislation is still being finalized, but could include things like racist or bigoted threats, including by phone or social media.

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