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GOP standoff in Ohio over abortion, gun measure averted

December 10, 2018

The State,

Julie Carr Smyth,

December 8, 2018-

A brewing standoff between legislative Republicans in Ohio and their same-party governor over some big-ticket policy issues was averted — perhaps permanently — during a whirlwind week at the Statehouse. Proposals restricting early abortions and a gun owner’s “duty to retreat” that outgoing Republican Gov. John Kasich opposes appeared poised for legislative action as lawmakers returned to work after November’s election. A Medicaid expansion he’s fiercely defended also faced a looming threat.

Yet, by week’s end, action on all three issues appeared unlikely. Here’s why: Protesters flocked to the Statehouse this week to oppose passage of the heartbeat bill, which would be one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the country. Some health-care providers also oppose the measure. Abortion-rights groups also organized testimony by a band of dozens of “abortion storytellers,” who used their personal stories to highlight potential negative impacts of the bill.

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