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Allow cities like Philly and Pittsburgh to make their own gun laws | Editorial

December 19, 2018

The Inquirer,


December 17, 2018-

In the six weeks since a lone gunman killed 11 people and wounded six others inside the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, there have been nearly three dozen mass shootings in the United States. As with previous mass shootings, lawmakers in Harrisburg have mostly shrugged and continued to collect their outsized paychecks and guaranteed raises for largely part-time work. Given the lack of leadership in Harrisburg when it comes to reducing gun crimes and protecting innocent shooting victims, State Rep. Dan Frankel wisely wants to allow local lawmakers to pass their own gun laws.

Frankel, a Democrat who represents the section of Pittsburgh where the horrific synagogue shooting occurred, is seeking cosponsors for two bills that would remove the so-called “preemption” language from the state law, which prohibits cities from enacting gun laws. Frankel’s bill faces a heavy lift in Harrisburg where Republicans control the House and Senate and the National Rifle Association wields undue influence over many lawmakers. But the recent success of congressional candidates – from Pennsylvania and conservative districts nationwide — who supported gun-control measures should cause some Harrisburg lawmakers to rethink their obstinance.

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