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The Midterms Were a Mixed Bag for Food Freedom

November 12, 2018



November 10, 2018-

This week’s midterm elections, in case you missed the news, were the most important election of your lifetime. While the president, control of the House of Representatives, and Bigfoot erotica dominated national headlines during this ostensibly crucial election season, food-policy issues—my focus—were at the heart of several ballot measures and other contests around the country. The most impactful food-policy ballot measures were decided up and down the West Coast.

In California, voters adopted Proposition 12, which will require egg producers within and without the state to go cage-free by 2022 and also impact pork and veal producers. The law is similar to a 2016 Massachusetts law that was, in turn, inspired by an earlier California law. (Litigation over these laws is ongoing.) Several groups opposed Prop. 12, including PETA, which argued the measure did not go far enough. Various egg and pork producers opposed it by arguing in part, rightly, that the radical measure would raise food prices. Despite its passage, Prop. 12 likely faces an uncertain future.

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