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What are Oregon Measures 103 and 104?

October 15, 2018

KCBY News,

Tom Adams,

October 11, 2018-

Oregon voters are going to decide the fates of money measures next month, some that would change the state constitution. Two of the measures were the focus of a Springfield forum Thursday – ballot Measures 103 and 104. 103 is the measure that would amend the constitution to ban state and local taxes and fees on transactions for groceries; Measure 104 goes on a slightly different track. Members of the Springfield City Club got down to business Thursday on Measures 104 and 103.

Both would change the constitution to restrict the state legislature’s ability to boost revenues. 104 would require three-fifths, super majority votes from state lawmakers to pass any revenue-raising bill. “So this measure will stop the gimmicks,” says Paul Rainey with the Yes on 104 Committee, “it will close the loopholes and, really, this will protect small businesses, farmers, homeowners.” “We’re having a difficult time as it is properly funding our schools and other essential services,” says Juan Carlos Ordonez with Oregon Center for Public Policy. “This would make it that much harder.”

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