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West Virginia legislative candidates mixed on allowing county sales tax

October 22, 2018

Herald Mail Media,

October 21, 2018-

Eastern Panhandle candidates vying for seats in the West Virginia Legislature in the Nov. 6 general election were surveyed via email by Herald-Mail Media about whether they believe counties in West Virginia should be allowed to implement a 1 percent sales tax similar to home-rule municipalities such as Martinsburg and Charles Town.

Below are their answers:

State Senate

15th District

Jason Armentrout — Yes. We need to allow our local levels of government more leverage to govern their counties/municipalities/towns/cities as they see fit. The voice of the people is strongest and most influential at the local levels as the ones who are voted in at the local levels have the greatest amount of day-to-day contact with their constituents.

Charles S. Trump IV — Only with the approval of the citizens of a county. I believe that if the citizens of a county approve such a measure, then the Legislature should permit it.

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