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State Supreme Court Weighs Whether Pittsburgh Can Mandate Paid Sick Time, Safety Training

October 24, 2018

WESA News,

October 23, 2018-

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court heard arguments Tuesday over two laws that could affect workers in the city of Pittsburgh. One of the measures requires private employers to offer between three and five paid sick days a year, while the other creates new training rules for security officers in many larger buildings. Local employers and business groups sued soon after Pittsburgh enacted the ordinances in 2015. Those organizations contend that under state law, Pittsburgh cannot burden the private sector with mandatory paid sick time and new training rules.

Courts have ruled that state law bars the city from imposing some regulations on private companies. In one case, a Common Pleas Court judge ruled that Pittsburgh’s home rule charter, which governs the city’s relationship with the state, did not give the city authority to impose a registration requirement on landlords. But on Tuesday, city and union lawyers argued that other state laws allow local governments to adopt measures that promote public health and safety. They say the two Pittsburgh ordinances would do just that…

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