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Reporters Memo: Coke and Pepsi Play Hardball in Attempt to Prevent the Spread of Soda Taxes

October 17, 2018

PR Watch,


October 16, 2018-

Faced with a rising tide of data from the United States and around the world showing that soda taxes work to reduce consumption and improve public health, the soda industry is battling back hard with big-dollar bully tactics geared toward crushing local soda tax campaigns before they even get off the ground. New tactics being deployed by the soda industry include state bills banning local soda taxes, broad statewide initiatives to ban all grocery taxes or require a super-majority before raising any taxes, and political spending geared toward bending state politicians to their will.

The public health community — pediatricians, dentists, the American Heart Association, and more — is energized to take action as never before on soda and other sugary drinks because new data is showing that consuming sugar¬†in liquid form¬†increases risks of serious health conditions, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, and obesity in a much more significant way than was previously known.

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