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Protesters fight Measure 103, claim supporters are being unlawful

October 2, 2018

KATU 2 News,

Genevieve Reaume,

October 2, 2018-

Protesters are putting pressure on big corporations and their customers and pointing out why they are voting no on Measure 103. The measure would change Oregon’s constitution and is centered around a grocery tax. On Monday morning, a small group of those opposed to the measure gathered outside a Safeway off Northeast Sandy Boulevard. Will Layng, the executive director of Portland Jobs for Justice, was within the group chanting for support along the sidewalk. “We feel like Measure 103 is risky and misleading and unnecessary,” Layng said.

Voting yes on Measure 103 means you support prohibiting state and local governments from taxing groceries. “It would take a vote of the people to tax food and grocery after that,” Dan Floyd, a spokesperson for the Yes on Measure 103 campaign, said. A no vote means the state and local governments retain the power to tax groceries. “We should be able to decide in our communities what sort of revenue is needed,” Layng said. “There’s no current proposal to tax any of these groceries, and we feel like that’s really misleading.”

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