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Pa. Supreme Court declines to step into smelly dispute over pig farm

October 4, 2018

Penn Live,

Matt Miller,

October 1, 2018-

The state Supreme Court has refused to step into a dispute between a pig farm and its neighbors. Odor is the issue. Six months ago, the stateĀ Superior Court refused to revive lawsuits neighbors of Will-O-Bett Farm in Luzerne County filed against the Salem Township operation over the smell of liquid pig manure they claim is permeating the area. The Supreme Court recently refused to hear the neighbors’ appeal of that decision, meaning the Superior Court’s ruling stands.

Will-O-Bett began as a dairy operation in 1955, switched to beef cattle in the 1990’s and now is a “concentrated animal feeding operation” for as many as 4,800 pigs at a time. A county judge and the Superior Court found the state’s Right to Farm Act trumps the neighbors’ lawsuits. That law protects farmers from nuisance suits over issues – including smells – tied to normal agricultural activities.

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