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Oregon Measure 103 would make future grocery taxes unconstitutional

October 24, 2018

Salem Statesman Journal,


October 22, 2018-

Citing a handful of attempts in recent years to levy grocery taxes in Oregon, proponents of Measure 103 have raised millions to make such government actions unconstitutional. But opponents claim the “sloppily written” amendment could trigger unintended fallout for taxpayers outside the grocery aisle. The Salem City Council came out against the ban as part of a broader set of stances on statewide ballot measures it took in August.

“This dangerous constitutional amendment would take away local control from communities, all so special interests can claim a huge tax carve-out,” Salem Mayor Chuck Bennett wrote in a September op-ed for the Statesman Journal. “What is right for one community can be dead wrong for another, and it should be up to those communities — not special interests — to make those decisions,” Bennett wrote. Under the Oregon Constitution, state and local governments in Oregon are allowed to introduce taxes and fees on grocery sales.

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