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Making sense of Measure 103, the grocery tax ban

October 31, 2018

KZTV News,

Leila Eltouny,

October 30, 2018-

Voters have until Nov. 6 to decide whether they want to amend the Oregon Constitution and ban any and all statewide taxes on groceries. Measure 103 is an initiative that sounds simple, but its details leave a lot of voters confused. Members of the “Yes on 103” campaign told NewsChannel 21 they don’t want to see a statewide grocery tax. Members of the “No on 103” campaign told us they don’t want to see a statewide grocery tax, either.

The question we’re left to ask is: What exactly are voters voting on? Right now, Oregon does not have a statewide sales tax, including on groceries, but there’s no law preventing local governments from creating one. Dan Floyd, a spokesperson for the “Yes on 103” campaign, said that by amending the Constitution, lawmakers wouldn’t even be able to discuss taxing groceries. If they did, he said, it could hurt the people who might not be able to afford the higher cost of food or beverages.

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