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Gun Rights Organizations Are Ready to Sue King County, Baby!

October 4, 2018

The Stranger,

Nathalie Graham,

October 2, 2018-

The gun safety measures passed by King County Council yesterday are drawing the ire of Washington’s gun rights yokels. The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) based in fucking Bellevue is gearing up for another lawsuit. SAF and the National Rifle Association (NRA) are currently jointly suing both Seattle and Edmonds for safe storage laws passed this summer. Those laws are nearly identical to the one passed yesterday by King County.

Dave Workman, a spokesperson for SAF and journalist for, said that it’s SAF’s intention to file a lawsuit against King County. They’re still waiting to hear if the NRA will enter the ring on this case, too. Workman isn’t sure when the lawsuit will be filed but is confident that it will be soon. “It’s illegal under the state preemption law, even Danny Westneat over at the Seattle Times made mention,” Workman said, citing what apparently was an extremely popular Danny Westneat article. Council-member Kathy Lambert cited it yesterday in her opposition to the safe storage measure, too.

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