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Gun Rights Front & Center Of Issues in November 2018 Election

October 15, 2018



October 8, 2018-

Elections have consequences. And next month’s election for America will prove to have a dramatic impact on legal gun owners. Our state and country can either pursue a path of liberty laid down by the Founders, or we can descend into an Orwellian socialist system where individual rights are heavily curtailed by ignorance, hate and mob rule.

In the first one, Michigan voters have maintained a pro-gun Legislature and elected the first governor who is solidly supportive of self-defense rights in a generation. Permit-less carry has been signed into law. Michigan’s pistol registry has been erased bringing Michigan in line with most other states. Many pistol free zones have been eliminated. Young adults can get a provisional concealed pistol license at age 18. Preemption has been given teeth, making it much easier to enforce. In the second one, a new governor who has campaigned alongside Moms Demand Action combined with an anti-gun Legislature has adopted the first gun control laws in Michigan in 30 years. Sales of modern rifles are now banned in the state.

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