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Examining Oregon and Washington’s ‘grocery tax’ Initiatives

October 31, 2018

KATU News,

Mary Loos,

October 24, 2018-

Two big measures that would affect taxes on groceries in Oregon and Washington are on the ballot this November. Both are similar, but there are some important points on each. KATU News spoke with supporters and opponents of both measures for their stances.


Ballotpedia¬†outlines this measure by stating that it would “prevent the enactment or increase of any state or local tax, fee, or assessment on the sale of groceries.” Right now, Oregon does not have any state sales tax, nor does it have any tax on groceries. The state also does not have any laws that prevent local governments from taxing groceries or grocery items. Voters will be deciding whether or not they want to permanently eliminate the possibility of future taxes on any grocery items. In the past, there’s been discussion of a soda or sugary beverage tax, especially in Multnomah County. Hood River County is currently working on a prepared food and beverage tax as a way to help solve the county budget crisis.

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