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TEP to Focus on ‘Pre-emption Laws’ and Non-Discrimination

September 5, 2018

Out & About Nashville,

Brandon Thomas,

September 1, 2018-

My name is Brandon Thomas and I’m the new State Preemption & LGBTQ Non-discrimination Project Coordinator for the Tennessee Equality Project Foundation. I grew up in Smyrna and graduated from MTSU with a Political Science degree. In 2016, I ran for State House in the 49th District, and was recently elected to serve as the committeeman for Senate District 13 on the Tennessee Democratic Party’s Executive Committee. I currently live in Smyrna with my husband, Michael, our son, Ezra, and our pug, Coco.

I’ve been volunteering with Tennessee Equality Project (TEP) for years, serving as a district captain for Advancing Equality Day on the Hill, and working with the TEP Rutherford County Committee. TEP has been around since 2004, when it was formed to fight the ballot measure aiming to put an anti-marriage-equality amendment into our state constitution. As I came out and came up as a baby activist, TEP was always there, fighting for our community. At MTSU, I became more aware of TEP’s work, and I am so grateful for all the bad bills that TEP and its supporters have defeated over the past 14 years.

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