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Procedural tactics on bill preempting local labor laws lead Democrats to walk out of committee meeting

September 26, 2018

The Times Herald,

September 25, 2018-

The line between where the state’s power ends and local authority begins can be a source of tension for lawmakers and local officials alike. This tension was put on display this week at the state capitol when discussion of a bill to preempt local ordinances led to a walkout by Democratic members of a House committee. The legislation by Rep. Seth Grove, R-York, is intended to invalidate local labor policies that may run afoul of state law. In his memo to colleagues describing what the bill does, he explained that having a patchwork of labor laws across the state can have a deleterious effect on the business community.

“Local ordinances like these are problematic for our economy as they ignore the simple fact that not all businesses are the same,” he wrote. “Additionally, these local mandates create an uneven playing field for the businesses located inside Pennsylvania while raising the cost of compliance inside the municipality. This cost increase further hurts businesses operating separate locations inside and outside the municipality as they comply with separate policies on the same topic.”

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