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Over 60 Local Officials Call on the Farm Bill Conference Committee to Reject Local Pesticide Preemption

September 17, 2018

Friends of the Earth,


September 13, 2018-

Today, over 60 local officials from across the country have joined together to send a letter to the farm bill conference committee urging the rejection of a poison pill rider that would preempt local governments from setting their own restrictions on toxic pesticides. Section 9101 of the House version of the farm bill, would institute federal preemption of local pesticide policies, a move that would overturn decades of precedent set by the Supreme Court and prevent communities from adopting protective laws that meet the needs of their residents or unique local environment.

The letter urges the conference committee to reach an agreement on a final 2018 farm bill that does not include this rider. It was signed by over 60 local officials in 39 communities from 15 different states, ranging from North Miami, FL to South Euclid, OH, West Hollywood, CA and Maui, HI. The City Council of Montgomery County, ME, which passed landmark policies on toxic pesticides, also sent a letter to the farm bill conference committee.

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