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Knight: Some judges show courts aren’t always shields against excess

September 10, 2018

Journal Star

Bill Knight,

September 6, 2018-

Courts can safeguard against legislative or executive powers and overreach, but judges can’t be relied on, especially when the Trump administration is packing courts at the federal level – from local districts to the Supreme Court. Sometimes, judges stand up for justice, of course, like the ultimately doomed effort to derail President Trump’s travel ban. In fact, U.S. District Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson in Washington on Aug. 24 overturned key parts of three executive orders Trump issued that would have made firing federal workers easier.

Trump’s orders “conflict with congressional intent in a manner that cannot be sustained,” she said. However, Americans can no more count on judges than they can on lawmakers, who too often put politics above the public interest, whether it’s congressional Republicans reluctant to criticize the president or state lawmakers resorting to “preemption” laws that overrule local ordinances.

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