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Illinois Judge Upholds Cook County’s Guns, Ammo Tax

August 29, 2018

Bloomberg Tax,

Michael J. Bologna,

August 27, 2018-

Second Amendment rights advocates will likely appeal an Illinois state court ruling that upholds Cook County’s “guns and ammo tax,” criticizing the program as an “illegal poll tax” and an undue burden on lawful gun owners. A spokesman for Guns Save Life Inc., the lead plaintiff in a challenge to the Cook County Firearm and Firearm Ammunition Tax ordinance, said Aug. 27 the group would likely appeal a circuit court ruling that granted summary judgment to Illinois’ largest county. Cook County includes the city of Chicago.

The group objected to a 2013 tax of $25 on firearms purchases and a 2016 tax of 5 cents per cartridge on center fire ammunition and 1 cent per cartridge on rimfire ammunition. “I expect there will be an appeal filed,” John Boch, the group’s executive director, told Bloomberg Tax. “We talked about it early on, even before we filed the initial complaint, thinking we would probably face an adverse initial judgment. We kind of built that into our planning.”

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