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Family says CAFOs making them sick

August 28, 2018

The Courier,

August 26, 2018-

Emissions from large animal confinements are more than just stinky. They can damage your health. Just ask Jeff and Gail Schwartzkopf. The Floyd County couple say their family is suffering the ill effects of living in close proximity to three concentrated animal feeding operations — or CAFOs. “We tried to make the best of it, but it is not possible,” Gail Schwartzkopf said in a written statement recently.

Since moving to their home, her family has experienced problems including rashes, burning eyes, scratchy throat, fatigue, insomnia, plugged ears and digestive issues, Schwartzkopf said. Shortly after moving in to their house in 2015, the Schwartzkopfs learned from a neighbor a CAFO was being built less than 2,000 feet south of their house. “My husband actually started to build the little shed that’s out here,” Gail Schwartzkopf said. “Pretty soon he started noticing burning around his eyes, and his skin was getting red and irritated. He went to our local doctor for it and he said, ‘there’s something in your environment causing it.’”