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Courts Are Becoming The Nation’s Gun Control Battleground

August 27, 2018

Guns Magazine,

Dave Workman,

August 25, 2018-

Anybody who still thinks gun control proponents have rolled over to play dead during the Trump administration isn’t thinking at all, because the fight to marginalize the Second Amendment is getting nastier, and the courts are becoming the new battleground. Perhaps nothing underscores that point better than the 45-page federal lawsuit filed by the National Rifle Association last month against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the New York State Department of Financial Services and its director, Maria T. Vullo. The lawsuit details what NRA alleges is a “political vendetta against the NRA.”

The legal battle and NRA’s potential financial troubles were discussed in Rolling Stone. Cuomo appeared on CNN to discuss his legal fight with NRA. “Andrew Cuomo has criticized the political speech and influence of “Second Amendment types” generally, and the NRA specifically, for decades,” the federal lawsuit asserts. “Moreover, Cuomo has a history of abusing his regulatory power to retaliate against his political opponents on gun control issues.”

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