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How the local pre-emption bills for plastics fared this session

June 11, 2018

Friends of the Mississippi River,

Trevor Russell,

May 30, 2018-

Plastic pollution to the Mississippi River (and waters across the globe) poses a real threat to aquatic life and recreation. A pair of bills advanced this session that would have pre-empted local efforts to address plastics and other food packaging pollution. Here’s how they fared.

The bills

The “auxiliary containers” bill
HF 3606 / SF 3135 would have preempted municipal regulation or fees on “auxiliary containers.” The goal was to invalidate the existing “to go” container regulations in St. Louis Park and Minneapolis. The bill defined such containers as “….a bag, cup, bottle, or other packaging that is: (1) Made of cloth; paper; plastic, including expanded or foamed plastic; cardboard; corrugated material; aluminum; glass; post-consumer recycled; or similar material or substrates, including coated, laminated, or multi-layer substrates; and (2) Designed for consuming, transporting, or protecting merchandise, food, or beverages from or at a food service or retail facility.”

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