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Health and justice nonprofits oppose sweetheart deal American Beverage Association seeks from California

June 26, 2018

American Heart Association,


June 26, 2018-

Today, more than 20 health and justice nonprofits banded together to oppose a bill the American Beverage Association seeks in California that would protect sugary drinks from local taxes. The group, led by the American Heart Association, includes American Cancer Society—Cancer Action Network, American Diabetes Association, Berkeley Media Studies Group, CA4Health, California Dental Association, California Health Advocates, California Health Collaborative, California Hepatitis C Task Force, California Project LEAN, California School-Based Health Alliance, Center for Science in the Public Interest, ChangeLab Solutions, Cultiva La Salud, Healthy Food America, Latino Coalition for a Healthy California, MomsRising/MamasConPoder, National Alliance for Hispanic Health, Prevention Institute, Public Health Advocates, Public Health Institute, Roots of Change and The Praxis Project.

Following is the groups’ joint statement: “California Senate Bill 872 is a gift to the beverage industry at the expense of kids, families and local control. This bill would prevent California residents and local elected officials from making decisions that are best for their communities. In bypassing city leaders, the bill prioritizes beverage industry profits over people’s health and cuts off potential revenue for critical programs.”

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