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Ban on plastic bags and foam containers has Mount Pleasant businesses seeking alternatives

June 20, 2018

The Post and Courier,

June 14, 2018-

At Page’s Okra Grill, one of the many businesses preparing for the town’s ban on foam take-out containers, plastic bags and more, this week might be the last straw. The last plastic straw, anyway. The restaurant was down to half a box Monday. “We’re just not going to offer straws,” said owner Courtney Page, who has also eliminated foam take-out containers 10 months before the town’s ban takes effect. To comply, the restaurant switched to more expensive, dishwasher-safe plastic containers that can be recycled.

“We thought it would be a better idea to get ahead of it,” Page said. “Plus, Styrofoam is awful and a lot of the servers were giving me a hard time about it.” Concerns about non-biodegradable disposable packaging littering area marshes, creeks and the ocean, and harming aquatic life including sea turtles, prompted Town Council to approve the new regulations on April 16. A year from that date the rules take effect. The ban is a big deal in South Carolina because Mount Pleasant is the fourth-largest municipality in the state and the largest to approve such regulations.

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