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Trampling Local Democracy: Beverage Industry Pushes Soda Tax Ban in Harrisburg

May 1, 2018

Center For Media and Democracy,

Mary Bottari,

April 30, 2018-

You wouldn’t watch your kid gobble up nine teaspoons of sugar a day would you? Well that is what she is getting if she is downing a can of Coke each day. And that is not all she is getting. One study found that consuming just one to two sugary drinks a day increases your risk of developing diabetes by a whopping 26 percent. Men who average one can a day, raise their risk for heart attack by 20 percent.

New statistics like these are prompting the public health community to back soda taxes as a policy tool to reduce consumption. But as local soda tax campaigns are bubbling up in cities across the nation, the beverage industry is working quash this expression of local democracy. On January 1, 2017, Philadelphia became the largest American city to implement a soda tax on sugary beverages. We know that sugary drinks are the leading source of added sugar in American diets contributing to Type II diabetes, obesity and heart disease,” said David Greineder of the American Heart Association.

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