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State bill would take away local control

May 15, 2018

Lancaster Online,

Frances Haldeman,

May 13, 2018-

In Lancaster, we take pride in our values and culture. Our county has a unique history, founded in a strong work ethic and rich heritage. We elect local leaders who have a deeply vested interest in preserving our way of life and ensuring our economy remains strong. Our elected officials can only do that if the state doesn’t take away the right of self-governance.

There are several bills being proposed that would take away local control. One of them is on the move. House Bill 2241 passed out of the Commerce Committee without a public hearing. The bill’s goal is to prohibit municipalities from trying to reduce the consumption of sugary drinks. We know the impact sugary drinks have on health. Our children are consuming 10 times the recommended amount. No matter where you stand on these health policies, I think Lancastrians would agree that the state taking away local control goes against our core values.

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